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Car Games APK: Race Against Other Players in Multiplayer Mode

The best racing games on Android push your reaction speed and your phone's hardware to their limits. They're also perfect for a commute, as each race only lasts a few minutes at most. But if you want to improve your racing technique, we recommend picking up an Android-compatible controller to gain a competitive edge.

Whether you're a fan of 2D arcade racers or ultra-realistic racing sims, we've found a racing game for you. But if you want to explore more visually impressive games, try one of the Android games with the most demanding graphics.

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Horizon Chase is a retro racer with tons of quality-of-life features. Those who grew up on the racing games of the early 90s will feel right at home here, as, despite a few modern additions, it doesn't let go of its roots. Bold colors, sharp polygons, and a spectacular array of seasons and weather show that you don't need ultra-realistic graphics to make a good-looking racing game.

Mario Kart is the biggest name in racing games, and after a few years of wonky design choices, Mario Kart Tour has finally come into its own. It's the classic Mario Kart experience built for mobile, with plenty of unique features. For example, the "Tour" part refers to courses inspired by real-world locations, and there are new game modes that can only be found here.

Top-down racers might not be as realistic as classic first-person racing games, but they'll stretch your racing skills regardless. Rush Rally Origins is the best of this subgenre, drawing on the previous games in the series to create a gripping rally experience.

Rush Rally Origins lets you play how you want. Whether you wish to adjust the on-screen controls to fit your thumbs or attach a controller, Rush Rally has you covered. It's also one of the best games on Play Pass, which means subscribers can play it for free.

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Who said a good racing game required real-world vehicles? Data Wing proves that all you need to have exciting races are neon lights and different colored triangles. While it's a relatively short game, the story-driven approach offers a more absorbing experience than most other games on this list.

Hellrider 3 changes the perspective of previous games, offering a third-person view rather than a top-down one. Fans of the series won't be disappointed, though, as Hellrider 3 still provides the same low-poly racing fan. Each level pits you against other riders, as well as a variety of bizarre enemies, including giant monsters.

Picking up a controller is the best way to enjoy these racing games, but each one offers full touch-screen support. Once you've mastered a few racing games, explore the best games on Android to see what else the Play Store offers.

Racing games are one of the most popular gaming categories on mobile. With more than 1000 new racing games being added to the mobile stores every year, it is very tough to find the best racing simulation that offers stunning wheels with immaculate performance for your mobile. In recent times, we've seen some of the most powerful smartphones running heavy console games like a breeze. This upgradation in technology has helped many developers to make incredible racing experiences for mobile users.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best racing games available for you to play on your mobile phones as of March 2022. We will discuss the features of each racing game in detail and help you pick the best racing game for your mobile phones.

- Music: The music of the game is fantastic and suits the theme of the game perfectly. The music is composed by Barry Leitch, who has worked on music for a lot of the classic racing games over the years.